On December 28th, the Lord woke me up with a scripture in Joshua 7.  He also showed me a list of what I was supposed to do and I did them, including getting rid of my van.  On January 1st, I returned a call from some people I know and after we exchanged season’s greetings, they asked if everything was OK with me so I answered well, I do not have a car and they said “We got you”.

A week later they sent me the money and I ended up buying a mini-van that I was not even expecting and was not even on the market. It has many more features than I expected and is in perfect condition.

My second testimony concerns my health.  For years I never had any medical problem until last year. I was diagnosed with various health conditions including kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure.  Several kinds of medication were prescribed and I thought “this is not me”.

Now for six months I have not taken any medication. On the last Friday of the One Night with the King program, I said, “Lord, I am not walking out of this sanctuary with any sign of sickness and disease”. I am here to tell you that I am healed to the glory of God and the shame of the devil!!! Hallelujah!!!

– Testimony submitted by George Kuwasi

Divine Blessings and Health

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