come to return all the glory to God for being faithful.  My baby is one year today, I thank the Lord! From five months old, my baby had rashes and the doctors thought it was an allergy. They sent us to a dermatologist but all medication and creams we used were to no avail.

During Shiloh, Papa asked us to take a shot of the anointing oil with faith. I gave her the shot and after that I stopped all the medication and used only the anointing oil on her skin all through the 21 days of fasting.

Papa also said we should be doing one-line prayer; I keyed on it saying to God that I want her skin to be clear during her one-year birthday and God has done it, proving to the doctor’s that He is the great Physician.

– Testimony submitted by Ifeoma Rita Udochukwu

Healing for my Baby

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