Dominion greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

We give God thanks for the most successful 21st Shiloh, a most profound prophetic gathering that resulted into volume of humbling testimonies, including the dead jacked back to life through a prophetic word. To God be all the glory.

But what is God saying concerning the month of December 2019. 

The Winners family is a highly prophetic family; every happening in this Commission today, was clearly foretold, we are just simply watching the prophecies fulfilled – Deut. 18:21-22

No prophecy can be fulfilled without the hand of God at work – 1 Kgs 8:15/24

The Holy Ghost is central to fulfilment of prophecies – Luk. 1:25-35/45

Prophets can only prophesy, only God can perform – Deut. 18:21-22/ Isa. 44:26

For example, some landmark prophecies concerning this mandate was unveiled through me in one of our meetings on April 10, 1982. These include:

  1. That this Commission was not to debate over doctrines, but to prove the power of the Holy Spirit. That is, a sign and wonder ministry and this has been our story from beginning.
  2. The mandate was declared a global ministry, where Churches shall be planted across the nations of the earth. Today, we have churches planted across seven continents of the world to the glory pf God.
  3. God said, I shall be ministering from one spot and it shall be seen on screen across nations of the earth at the same time. God was speaking about the internet technology in prophecy. Today, we cover 145 nations across the seven continents of the earth, through a live broadcast to the glory of God.
  4. God spoke about a 50,000-capacity sanctuary that shall be built at the base of the ministry. Faith Tabernacle was dedicated September 18, 1999 to the glory of God
  5. God said, you will soon see millions gathering to hear the word. At Shiloh 2019, we saw millions gather and multi-million through the social media platform to the glory of God.

….……and many more

We definitely owe God thanks for diverse fulfillment of prophecies in this Commission.

All though this month, we shall be offering intense thanksgiving, both as a Church and as a individual, knowing that thanksgiving is a debt we owe and must have to pay – 2 Thes. 1:3/ 2Ths. 2:13

Thanksgiving is a requirement to preserve the blessings of God upon our lives – Mal. 2:1-3

Thanksgiving is a requirement to multiply the blessings of God upon our lives – Jer. 30:19/ Jn 6:6-12

Thanksgiving is a requirement to perfect the blessings of God upon our lives – Luk. 17:12-19

Therefore, the prophetic focus for the month of December 2019 is:


Recommended books authored by David O. Oyedepo includes:

*Understanding the Power of Praise, * Wonders of Praise

Remain ever blessed.

Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo

Prophetic focus for December 2019

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